Travel Blog Writing

Travel Blog Writing


Blogging fast became the most popular way to increase your website visibility in search engines such as Google, which allow people to find and interact with your brand; even if they were not looking for you.

It’s also a great way to increase your authority on a travel subject and position yourself as an industry leader and building confidence in your brand or product.

More importantly it’s an effective way to differentiate yourself from your competitors. People buy into your brand or product, before they buy from you, so trust and authority as a leader on a particular subject is important.

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6 reasons you should start blogging today

  1. Cost effective communication
  2. Give trust and authority to your product
  3. Keep customers and staff informed
  4. Increase your SEO rankings
  5. Increase traffic to your website pages (even if they are not looking for you)
  6. People buy into you, before they buy from you.

1. Cost effective communication

One of the most cost effective ways of having your brand identified is to put informative, engaging content on your website. Once a blog has been created and it’s recognised by the search engines, it’s there forever. Anyone searching for the topic being written on will now have a chance of finding you and your brand or product in search engines. Blogs are a small one off cost that has very long term effectiveness and gains for your business.

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2. Authority and trust in your brand or product

The best way to position you as an industry leader and authority on the chosen subject is to create engaging and well written content. Blog topics should be targeted towards your audience and on subjects that resonate with them. The more blogs that are created and added to your website the more you will be deemed as an authority on the subject and the more trust will be instilled.

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3. Keeping your audience informed

If you are promoting a service, product or destination then the best way to educate and keep your (potential) audience informed is to blog. People are always looking for information and research is an important part of any travel plans. Over 10 searches are performed before actually making a travel booking so the  more you can keep your audience informed the more they will remember you.

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4. SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) exposure

Through the correct and careful use of keywords and links, this will help improve your ranking in search engines. With regular blogs being added, this gives more exposure to your website through search engine findings. It also gives strong social signals to your website which will tell the search engines you are an authority on the particular subject.

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5. Increase traffic to your website

The more blogs that are available in search engines with links pointing back to your website, the more chance you will gain traffic. The great part of search engines is that people look for particular keywords to find an answer to their question. For example ‘things to do in Bali’. If you have a blog (or several blogs) on Bali then the more chance you will have of traffic being driven to your website, even if they were not looking to interact with your brand or product or service.

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6. People buy into you, before they buy from you

Building trust is important as is having a long term relationship with your customer. The more information you can provide and help the user with, the more they will entrust your business with their purchase. Consumers enjoy being educated on a subject and well informed. Several searches are performed before purchase so this is a unique time to gain the user trust and have them buy into your brand, product or service.

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There are a couple of main elements to creating a great blog to ensure you maximise not only the content itself but also search engines. With Google Algorithm updates constantly changing it’s important to follow these guidelines.

High quality content

This is imperative. Well written, unique content serves to inform and engage the reader. Both readers and search engines just love great, high quality content and both will keep coming back for more. Quality content will also get you ranking quicker in search engines, potentially in higher result positions.

Unique content

To rank or index in search engines it’s imperative that all content is 100% unique when written. Duplicate content will see your site penalised due to the Google algorithm updates that have now been enforced. At Word Connect all of our content is guaranteed to be 100% unique content, written by us.

Strategic links

Adding a link to your blog is a great way to have people stick to your website pages longer. It encourages them to click around more and find more relevant information. It also sends a signal to search engines that your content is high quality and relevant and of use to your audience.


At Word Connect Copywriting we are experienced travel writers and bloggers. We have contributed towards many travel blogs with countless articles and understand the craft and sequence of creating a fantastic and engaging blog article.

Rates vary depending on frequency, size and research required and full quote will be provided at the time.

Contact us to discuss your travel business blog needs today. Competitive rates and great discounts available for ongoing projects.